Exploring Your Unproductive Stories in Group Coaching?

Group coaching is an intimate conversational space, focused on deepening awareness around key issues, making progress in areas most important to each individual while leveraging the insights of others in the group.   It is a powerful way to open communication between groups often from different departments or organizations. 

In my experience, participants discover the different ways they hold themselves back from achieving their potential.  Many times, it’s about confidence or worry about how other’s judge them, when the problem is external rather than with them.  But, as dedicated problem solvers they take it on, or believe the stories they tell themselves about themselves.  

Group coaching uncovers the internal stories and how many of us have similar internal stories which aren’t true.  There’s power in seeing someone else’s situation and recognizing how alike it is to ours.  I like to challenge people to step back and see themselves from a different perspective, find their inner strength in that moment of stress and recraft those inner stories from a place of strength and truth.  We can achieve this in individual coaching but there is value in the perspectives of a group.   

I encourage you to join my monthly group coaching sessions when a topic is relevant for you. You can also send me topics you think might be interesting to explore!

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