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Team Coaching

Let’s first understand the true definition of a team.  To quote John Katzenbach (1994) “A small number of people with complementary skills, who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.”

      • Complementary skills are important because they allow value to be created by harnessing a range of talents and skills
      • Common commitment and purpose emphasizes the importance of a shared direction rather than each person going in their own direction resulting in disorganization
      • Commitment to the same performance goals means everyone has the same understanding of what the outcomes of their work should be

Team coaching is different than individual coaching and is quickly becoming as important.  It’s partnering with an entire team,  to collectively build awareness of the team’s internal and external connections and systems, enhancing their capability to effectively deal with current and future challenges.

How Do I know Team Coaching is Good For Us?

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